As Seen on The Knot


  • We can load up on cookies and donuts for the sake of a sugary experience. Or we can develop our perception through taste. And, I think that what we make carries our energetics and emanations. Our emanations are how we approach life. To me, making macarons is about a feeling. I would like to transfer this feeling that can best be expressed in a story.

    It is early morning, when the mental activity of the people around has not started yet. It is inward silence. It is quiet and peaceful. This is the moment when the coming day starts to unfold. At this moment it depends on us what this day is going to be like. That is the defining moment that brings the impulse to the coming day. It is the moment of contemplation and reflection. Personally, I love doing that with a cup of freshly brewed coffee – without sugar, and a special piece of pastry. A French macaron is that kind of pastry. For me, it symbolizes this moment of quietness when the time stops and you can just enjoy the taste. Exquisite and refined. Subtle and elegant.

    That is one of my favorite moments in the day.