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our story

 I’m a professional linguist and translator. Making pastry has always been a love of mine which existed at a level of a hobby, up to the point when I visited  Paris.

While in Paris, I was drawn to small, colorful pastry I came across in each and every bakery. The famous French macaron! “Cookie” seems to be too trivial a word to describe delicate texture, fragile structure and exquisite taste of a true macaron. Macaron is one of a kind.

A long time has passed since I visited Paris. An idea grew stronger and stronger in my mind — to learn how to bake perfect French macarons. First, the idea seemed abstract, vague and unreal. With time, it started to take shape and color and, finally, became concrete and tangible. 

I had my vision and my etalon — the perfect macaron that I tasted in Paris. At that point I set out to re-create this beauty and taste, and I have gone a long way since then.One evening, I could no longer idly dream about my project but began to act. 

Any beginning is, probably, the most important step on the way. It’s much more than a simple action. It is a physical, material manifestation of an idea, the foundation of what will come into being later. Knowing, how important it is to start, I grabbed the 1st recipe I came across. This is how The Art of Pastry emerged.​

our principles


​​For us, moving forward means learning.  We do our research, put it into practice, draw conclusions and do our research again.  We are continuously developing our product – new flavors, better techniques. 


​​The Art of Pastry originates from the synthesis of artistic endeavor and structured scientific approach. Our creative vision relies on facts and observations. We trace every change. All observations are meticulously recorded and analyzed each step of the way. Our recipe up-to-date has evolved through scientific trial and error.


​​We do all our research in French to learn from the best Parisian pastry chefs. On the basis of the source material, we have developed a set of exclusive proprietary recipes with a local twist. 


​We prepare authentic French macarons in Youngstown, Ohio, with deliveries scheduled throughout the Cleveland – Pittsburgh metropolitan region. Contact us.

This is where the map comes in.