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The Art of Pastry creates authentic French macarons for retailers, caterers and special events.

The macaron is elusive. Styles abound. In our kitchen we have traveled many miles. We make French-style, almond macarons with an Italian meringue in the style of the finest pastry chefs in Paris. Made with our own, local twist.

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Now Offering Classic French Macarons

Cookie seems to be too trivial a word to describe the delicate texture, fragile structure and exquisite taste of a French macaron.

French-style, almond macarons visually pop. No guest will fail to notice the wide variety of colors, from bold primaries to soft pastels. Petite and offered at a modest price point, macarons are too exquisite to have just one. The question is not whether they want a macaron, but how many macarons do they want. 

French-style macarons are a tasty treat all by themselves, paired with a drink or after a meal. We have classic flavors and love to innovate. Some flavors pair better with different styles of coffee, tea or cold drinks. We offer a variety of flavors for your clients to sample and choose their favorites, alone or with friends. 

We strive to meet the exacting standards of the finest shops in Paris, from the color, shape, and texture of the shell to the taste and structure of the filling inside. Macarons derive their flavor from their filling. And, there are many, many fillings. 

Our current favorites include chocolate, caramel, coffee, pistachio and – everyone’s favorite – honey creme. We offer seasonal varieties and holiday specials. We can even develop a ​branded​ treat, just for your business.

Unlike most pastries, macarons are best served one day after initial cook and filling. They remain moist and tasty for several days. Plus, they can be frozen for weeks, retaining freshness and flavor when thawed and served the next day.

No Kitchen Hassles

Offer classic French-style, macarons without the hassle.

Outstanding macarons need equipment, time, space and attention not typically available to most kitchen operations.

Why bother with all of that when you can simply order directly from us?

Made to Order

Choose from an assortment of best-selling, classic flavors and new, proprietary accents for your guests to enjoy on-premise or  prepackaged for take-away.

Ask about ​branded ​ flavors and private-label packaging programs.

Delivered on Time

We deliver our macarons when it suits you. 

We schedule deliveries five days a week from morning through evening hours.

We can deliver fresh macarons for immediate sale as well as frozen for later.


Priced to Deliver Satisfaction

French-style macarons pack a lot of flavor into a petite package. A half sheet of display space holds macarons with a suggested retail value of up to $350, depending on product placement. This is 5.8 times more than typical pastries like pecan rolls, croissants, scones…  

Whether served one at a time, in multiples or paired with your featured drinks, our French-style macarons are a high impact treat at multiple price points for your guests and healthy margins for you.

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